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Vehicle Module Programming

Did you know today's vehicles contain many modules that do not contain manufactures software when purchased?  Not only do the computers that control vital engine and transmission function need to be calibrated properly before installation but the incorrect installation of used donor modules can adversely affect other modules on the CAN (Controller Area Network)

We have invested in DEALER level equipment and software for Ford and GM vehicles and our J-2534 Bluestreak iFlash can handle most other manufacturers PCM's.  In some instances updated a vehicles power train modules can correct issues before expensive components are needlessly replaced.  

Here are a few case examples:

- 2002 Ford Thunderbird wipers, top and windows are controlled by a FEM module that needs calibrating

- 2007 Montana SV6 SRS (Airbag) module without programming will not work and will cause problems with ABS!

- 2010 Silverado HD.  The BCM controls all accessories and vehicle will not start without programming

- 2012 Ford Fusion.  The GEM module and smart junction box come generically calibrated when shipped.  Items like trunk release, hazzards and other external functions may not operate when installed.

- 2013 E150.  An airbag module will not allow vehicle to run if installed and not programmed.  Safety lock out from PCM and Fuel pump control module!


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