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Unexpected vehicle repairs can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with.  They never seem to come along at opportune time but periodic inspections and maintenance is a proven way to combat and budge your vehicle investment keeping it reliable and safe throughout its service life.



  Brake replacement can be an expensive endeavor and sometimes unavoidable.  We can help extend the life of your brakes by periodically inspecting them and ensuring all of the moving parts are functioning, there is no unusual wear patterns and replace pieces as they have naturally ended their service life.

   We are fully equipped to service and professionally diagnose all braking problems both mechanically and electrically.


  Good vehicle maintenance is the key to lowering overall service cost, increasing service life and maintaining safety and reliability.  All of our lubricants and parts meet manufacturers warranty requirements.  We have all of your services intervals online that are provided by the manufacturer and collated by our Shopkey Service Writer software program system. 


  We can provide pricing and availability for almost all makes and models of tires, suspension components and perform alignments of classic and late model cars and trucks .  Our Snap-on alignment machine will replaced this fall with the new John Bean alignment module accompanied with a 13,000lb in ground scissor lift for quick aligment checks and adjustments.

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